Calendar Alerts App

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Instructions for use:

The Calendar Alerts App allows you to quickly and easily convey important dates and reminders to everyone on your site.

web app

Simply add the start and end time of any event, then if it is due, it will be displayed on the page until it expires.

Some examples of its uses would be:

  • Public holidays
  • Accounting due dates (Tax, PAYE)
  • System outages and updates
  • Birthdays
  • Employee holidays

The calendar comes pre-populated with over 90 multi-faith religious holidays, US, and UK national holidays.

You can add events to the calendar well in advance of when you'd like the users to be notified. Add system outages, company picnics, employee birthdays, and anything else you'd like your users to be notified or reminded of.

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You can also fully style the output as you have access to the mcstyle.css style sheet being used within the Style Library

Example screenshots and uses: