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Locations Map Plus Sandbox Web Part

This sandboxed web part allows you to quickly and easily show important locations with detailed information on multiple Google Maps within your public Office 365 website.

This Web Part is similar to the Locations Mapper Plus App, but works on a public facing website. The information field can hold HTML as well as plain text so images and videos can also be displayed. It can be seen on my SharePoint 2013 development website.

Download and then extract the solution file (MC.Map.wsp) using this link:

To install the web part you will have to upload and activate the solution on this "hidden" page: /_catalogs/solutions

For example:

Upload the solution:

Then activate the solution:

You will then be able to insert the map web part onto your page from the 'Custom' category just as you would any other web part.


To remove the TRIAL text from the sandboxed web part a license key can be purchased for $50.00 by clicking the Buy Now button. Once purchased please email a copy of your receipt to You will then be sent a license key within 24 hours. Edit the web part and paste the license key, including braces, into the License Key property.


If you recieve the following resource usage error:

Simply go to the SharePoint Admin Centre and increase the server resource quota.